Racelogic VBOX Video HD2 System

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Full-HD Race Car Camera System

Racelogic’s most sophisticated race car video data logger yet, VBOX Video HD2 features 1080p video, real-time synchronized video/data with graphical overlay, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The internal 10Hz GPS engine recognizes the race track you are driving and automatically configures the track map and lap timing. Automatic recording, a pre-record buffer and internal power backup ensure that you capture absolutely all of the race action.


  • Up to 80 CAN channel inputs

  • USB 2.0 host interface (for recording to USB flash drive)

  • Bluetooth for heart rate and OBD car data

  • Built-in track database

  • Unrivaled, free lifetime support

  • Compatible with AiM dashboards

  • VideoSplit - simple to use video editing software to help you share laps and data with friends and on social media

Full technical specifications available to download as PDF.

Introducing The All New VBOX Video HD2

At RACELOGIC we have been designing and using cameras in many different types of race cars for over 7 years at all levels of motorsport. We are passionate about racing, and have used our own products to win a number of different championships, setting fastest laps and multiple pole positions along the way. We have now sold over 10,000 VBOX Video systems to motorsport customers worldwide, making it one of the most popular motorsport camera systems on the market.

This is because the VBOX is easy to use, reliable and gives you a very clear route on how to drive faster.

We have put all of that knowledge and experience into the design of our latest camera system, the VBOX Video HD2, which is designed to be simple, yet powerful enough to even satisfy the highest level of motorsport teams.

Some of the most famous, high profile racing car manufacturers now use the VBOX Video HD2 in their race cars, and from the feedback we have received, the drivers love it for its simple ability to improve lap times.


Unrivaled Support

We offer outstanding support for the lifetime of your VBOX, for free. Our support team are proud of the service they provide, and go the extra mile so you can get the most out of your purchase

Real-Time Graphics 

The real-time graphics engine produces full colour HD graphics showing speed, G-force, lap times, track maps and sensor data. These graphics are overlaid onto the main video picture in real time (not using software afterwards), making your videos much more exciting and informative.


Race Cameras

The video cameras are designed in-house using the latest Sony Exmor™ HD sensor, which gives superb colour reproduction and great night sensitivity. They are small, waterproof and come with a 3m cable allowing remote mounting.

Live Preview for Camera Alignment

Our free Preview App with live output allows you to check the alignment of your cameras on your iPhone or Android Phone.

You can now set an exposure window on the camera preview, ensuring absolutely perfect video capture every time, avoiding the 'letterbox' effect that can occur on very bright days.

The Wi-Fi network that connects the HD2 to your smartphone is password protected - useful when surrounded by fellow users in the pit garage!

Built-In Track Database

The internal 10Hz GPS engine recognizes the track you are driving from a built-in circuit database of almost 500 circuits all over the world and automatically configures the track-map and lap-timing without you having to remember to do anything, you just turn up at a circuit and start driving.

Rugged Video Recorder

The VBOX Video HD2 is our most rugged Video recorder yet, with a water resistant aluminum housing, high grade motorsport connectors, and a supercapacitor power backup system. Our internal guiding principle is 'never lose data'.


Automatic Recording

Having spent hours at the track we come up with what we feel is the ideal recording strategy to ensure that every moment is captured on video, without filling up your memory card.

To save you having to remember to press the record button, the VBOX HD2 will start recording automatically whenever you go above 9 mph. This means that the memory card doesn't get filled up whilst you are stationary on the grid or in the pits. By setting the default speed to 9 mph, it stops the creation of lots of small files whenever the GPS signal is affected by being in a garage or close to a building.

That's all well and good you may say, but doesn't that mean I lose the start and end of each session?

Not anymore, and this is why:

'Lose no data' power backup 

As far as we know, no other in-car video camera can do what the VBOX HD2 can, and that is to continuously buffer up to 30s of video before the car starts moving. The moment you move above 9 mph, the video pre-buffer is written out to the memory card, ensuring that you capture absolutely all of the action.

Compatible with AiM Dashboards

If you’re running an AiM dashboard or logger, you can now record the CAN data directly from it into a VBOX Video HD2. All the AiM CAN channels have been incorporated into the VBOX database so you can select the channels in HD2 setup that you want to log.

A physical connection between the dash/logger and your HD2 is made possible with the new cables RLCAB144 and RLCAB145, available to order now from our eStore. These cables will make it possible to connect directly to the AiM dashboard or the AiM Smartycam connection cable.

We have also created this scene for use on an HD2 which you can download here.

There are a significant number of parameters available for logging, including Brake Position, Brake Pressure, Fuel level, Lateral Acceleration and Steering Angle. Instructions on how to configure/connect the devices for use together are available here.

Free Scene Files 

RACELOGIC offer out-of-the-box scene files to use with your VBOX Video HD2. The scenes are vehicle specific and come with or without CAN parameters assigned to them.

At the moment we have only a few scenes ready to download, but the library is growing constantly. Check out which scenes are available or how to request your custom scene.


HDMI Option

We are now offering VBOX Video HD2 with HDMI video output. This option allows users to stream real-time video (currently without audio) from the HD2 to an HDMI compatible monitor, recorder or streaming device.

VBOX Video HDMI can be used to give live coverage of motorsport events for TV or social media, provide race teams with the ability to give instant driver feedback, or act as a rear-view camera.

The new system (RLVBVDHD2-H) comes with an HDMI port and locking pin to make sure our custom cable has a secure connection.

VBOX Video HDMI will only run with the latest version of HD2 firmware (1.3.76 and higher) and setup software (1.4.259 and higher).


Circuit Tools Software

Circuit Tools is designed by racing drivers for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with data analysis software.

Watch the video below to see how easy Circuit Tools is to use:

Circuit Tools works with any VBOX Motorsport product and is free to download.

Huge Track Database

The software automatically detects the country, circuit and track configuration from a database of almost 500 circuits and uses the start/finish line information to separate the laps contained in your recorded file.

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window. The video is moved to the start of this lap. You can compare runs from this session, or from previous ones simply by clicking on the relevant lap time shown in the session window.

Lap Time Difference Channel

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps.


Side By Side Video

Watch video side by side in slow motion to see the lines taken by each driver. You can move the video one sample at a time with a simple key combination.


More about Circuit Tools Driver Analysis Software.

When using a VBOX Video HD2 the latest version of Circuit Tools is required to compare video and data. Download the latest version of Circuit Tools here.

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