:: Cosmo-Sport Track Events ::
The Ultimate High Performance Driving Experience


Cosmo-Sport Track Events are the ultimate high performance driving experience.  

Envision a world where there are no speed limits and no highway patrol officers lurking around every corner.  Imagine an open road racing circuit, yours for the taking.  Sweeping turns, long straightaways, heavy braking zones.  Hear the sound of your car's engine singing and your tires howling.  Feel the g-forces as you dive into a hairpin turn and hammer the throttle as you leave it behind.  Thrive in the exhilaration of realizing your car's true potential as you drive it the way it was meant to be driven - fast, smooth, precise and without limits.

This is our world - a world where passion for sports and exotic cars is embraced, encouraged and empowered.  A world where cultivating the skills necessary to extract a car's true potential is essential.  A world where man and machine become one.  A world where there are no limits.

This is our world.

Welcome to the world of Cosmo-Sport. 


Sport Driving Experience

A structured, full-day driving experience where you learn the proper techniques of high performance driving and the nuances of navigating a racing course - in your own car.

Your day begins with exercises focused on learning proper technique for braking, downshifting and cornering, as well as vision skills.  Your afternoon is focused on learning the racing circuit and properly navigating your way around.  Your day ends with you lapping at speed, enjoying the thrills of driving on a racing course without limitation.


Trackday Elite

The 'Top-Gun' of trackday events.  Our unique program for advanced drivers looking to break away from the masses and bring their driving skills to the next level.  This program is limited in attendance in order to ensure quality track time and an exclusive trackday experience.

Driving your own car, enjoy extensive track time with one-on-one coaching, personalized to your individual needs from our staff of current, top-level, championship-winning professional racing drivers.  Our team will evaluate your performance behind the wheel and target areas of your craft to refine and further hone your skills as a driver.

Review, analyze and return to the track to work on your technique - or simply enjoy the exclusivity of lapping around a racing circuit that's all yours.